Jeff Hardy - BEW - painted

$39.99 Regular price

This is an PAINTED head cast of the amazing head sculpted and made by the superstar customizer BEW (ig: @bew_animations)!!  

Please note that the Jeff Hardy comes in FOUR color schemes:

1) Purple Headband

2) Black & White Headband

3) Green Headband with Purple Hardy logo 

4) DX Headband 

Make sure you select which color scheme for your order! 

The Painted heads will be completed in batches of 10 or so at a time by the man @bew_animations himself!! Due to this and with Covid, the painted head scans will ship within 3-4 weeks, but at $35, the quality of paintwork makes this price a steal!!

Only at @figuregiant

Please note: If you place an order for a painted head AND other items, your order will not ship until the painted head is ready for shipment. If you wish to have your other items faster, please place a separate order. 

DISCLAIMER: Purchase of this head scan DOES NOT include recasting rights. This means that the cast CANNOT be reproduced either through a recast or remold for personal or resale purchases. If you wish to recast or remold, you must first contact us or Mad Reaper directly to obtain written permission.