MJF - unpainted - BEW

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This is an UNPAINTED head cast of the amazing head sculpted and made by the superstar customizer BEW (ig: @bew_animations)!! 

This sculpt from @bew_animations is painstakingly detailed and is available in both PAINTED and UNPAINTED options!! 

Only at @figuregiant

The cast is made out of resin and due to the complexity of this cast, a pressure pot is used to mold and cast the pieces. Some heads may require minor preparation (i.e. drilling out the peg hole to your precise fit, filling in pieces of hair, or cleaning up flashing from the cast). The picture is cast in a grey resin for photographic purposes but the cast you receive will be cast in white.

Please note: Simple touch-ups like this will be made to the heads prior to shipment, but be aware that these are cast resin copies.

DISCLAIMER: Purchase of this head scan DOES NOT include recasting rights. This means that the cast CANNOT be reproduced either through a recast or remold for personal or resale purchases. If you wish to recast or remold, you must first contact us or Mad Reaper directly to obtain written permission.